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right now as we speak the pain i'm going through is beyond words let alone is unbareable due to multipule years of trama inflicked on my back plus i've had five epiderals when delivering all five of my children. I was lead to this site while searching for some kind of test or questions that i could answer and then possiblely recive something that stated that i should see a chiropractor, what may be wrong, ect., and a list of chiropractors that accept medicaid and also offer emergency appointments to/for new clients. is there any way you could help me with these things please and thank you for your time

Question from talia on April 11th, 2011 @ 1:12AM

Hi Talia, It is going to be difficult to help you directly with most of your concerns online. Without direct examination there is just not enough information. It is entirely likely that chiropractic would help a great deal, but for Medicaid to cover there will have be enough findings to document "medical necessity". As to the Medicaid providers, you might browse the list on this site of docs nearby your location and call a few. There may be a state listing in your area. In my state it is called MediCal and actually costs money (paying someone to bill) to get the coverage. Wish I could help more. God bless, Dr P

Answer from Pendergraft Chiropractic on April 20th, 2011 @ 10:48AM

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