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Is chiropractic care the right choice for my 33 year old son, who suffers severe epilepsy, and has had 2 cardiac surgeries, the medical drs claim he is in the beginning stage of Parkensons, Joel hasn't had adjustments for 7 years.Joel would be unable to lie on a table for adjustments because he has had his ribs cracked open twice within the last 2 years. Joel is unable to stand because he gets dizzy, so uses a wheel chair, his neck really bothers him, and would like to know if chiropractic would make him more comfortable.

Question from carol on March 22nd, 2011 @ 5:02PM

I have adjusted a few patients with epilepsy with great results. The first was a 35 year old female that was having 4-6 grand mal seizures a day with severe headache/ mirgaines. Through the course of care her seizures diminshed to 1 ever two weeks. The results did come and go, but her overall quality of life was greatly improved. The second case was a 3 year old girl that was having smaller "zone out" seizures (as her parents stated). Her parents reported that she was having approximately 50 per day! Again, through the course of care this diminished to around 5-10. Joel seems to be a very interesting case. I do believe that Chiropractic care can help get some form of comfort. Find yourself a Chiropractor that will work with you and adjust Joel appropriately. What I mean by this is, using appropriate adjusting techniques. Lower force techniques would best be suited for Joel until he can tolerate something more forceful. Joel can be adjusted seated in his wheelchair until such time and he can lie comfortablly on a table. Call a local Chiropractor or check out their website to see if they would be suitable to Joel's needs. Chiropractic CAN help him! Yours in health, Dr. Surma, D.C.

Answer from Dr. Darren M. Surma on March 30th, 2011 @ 10:03AM

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