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The Power of Magnesium

March 19th, 2011 by J. Bautitsa

Feelings of nervousness, irritability and being unable to relax are signs of needing magnesium.

Magnesium influences many bodily functions including digestion, energy production, muscle function, bone formation, creation of new cells, activation of B vitamins and relaxation of muscles, as well as assisting in the function of the heart, kidneys, adrenals, brain and nervous system. Magnesium is an essential mineral. This means that the body doesn't make it and it must be obtained through the diet.

Hundreds of years ago we would have been able to get our magnesium through our food source as the soil was healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. The quality of our soil has deteriorated due to the use of fertilizers that contain large amounts of potassium which don't allow vegetables to then absorb magnesium. So diets are now seriously lacking in the required magnesium and here are some symptoms:

*low energy
*PMS and hormonal imbalances
*inability to sleep
*weakening bones
*muscle tension
*muscle spasms
*abnormal heart rhythms

The second part of this story is the huge impact the calcium has in balancing our magnesium. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary to make muscles relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, but magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely. It is easy to see that maintaining these minerals in balance is vital and that too little magnesium to balance calcium could be both uncomfortable and and unhealthy.

The solution for getting the correct amounts of calcium and magnesium is in a form that can be completely dissolves in water. In this state it will absorb quickly into the body, producing fast relief. Pills need to break down into liquid form before they can be absorbed and not all people, especially as the grow older, have the capacity to digest these. The result may be the absorption of little, if any, actual nutrition.

You may already have enough calcium in your diet so won't need to take calcium and magnesium. In this case you would just need CALM, the magnesium drink. Any questions?

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