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The Forward Head Posture Epidemic

April 15th, 2011 by Benjamin Baker D.C.

We all live in a flexor dominate world. What this means is that most daily tasks we routinely do involve us bending forward, rolling our shoulders in and slouching. Let me ask the question to you, how many hours a day do you spend sitting at a computer, slouching at a desk or lounging on your couch? The majority of the day is the answer I most often hear. Let's be honest, kids are growing up in a world where there is so much new technology and media they sometimes can never learn the appropriate posture. In my clinical experience, children and teens these days have some of the worst posture of all age groups because of the amount of hours they spend sitting and slouching.

My objective for composing this article is to address forward head posture and give suggestions to prevent further postural issues and teach people how to correct their forward head posture. It would also be nice for those of you who read this to educate your children about the importance of proper posture.

Forward head posture if often caused by a very common muscle imbalance known as upper crossed syndrome (UCS). UCS is simply defined as weakening and lengthening of the upper-back and neck muscles, and also tightening and shortening of the anterior muscles in the neck and chest. This is the most common muscle imbalance acquired from slouching at a desk or computer. One's upper back and posterior shoulder muscles get weakened and the muscle fibers become elongated while our anterior muscles including the pectoralis major and minor, ( chest ) and anterior deltoids ( shoulders ) get tightened and shortened. This creates severe muscle imbalances which cause one’s neck to be held anteriorly and their shoulders to round forward. Over time, if forward head posture becomes advanced enough, the upper back will develop of hump or curve. This postural imbalance is destructive to our spine, our intervertebral discs and our spinal cords. As a Kirkland chiropractor and wellness coach, I work on fixing this dangerous and destructive condition constantly with my patients.

Remember being scolded by your mother or grandmother about having poor posture. I think we all can relate. They fact of the matter is, they were right for yelling at us about having poor posture. Slouching and sitting at desks causes UCS which almost always leads to forward head posture.

My recommendation for anyone who thinks they may have forward head posture, upper crossed syndrome or less than ideal posture is to consult a chiropractor in their area for a posture assessment. One of the most important things I educate my patients about is that their posture is their responsibility to correct. My patients are taught that most spinal joint degeneration and disc degeneration is preventable with regular chiropractic visits and with proper lifestyle choices. My website has a myriad of information explaining what forward head posture is and how to correct it. Feel free to visit my site at for more information.

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