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Our Duty as Chiropractors

March 5th, 2011 by Anthony Snellenberger, DC

It has become painful for me to see that most in our field don't do what is truly right by our patients. Most of us take the time to do thorough examinations followed by any necessary x-rays to diagnose and treat our practice members to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, only a scarce percentage of us actually look beyond the bones of the spine. Some take thermographies or sEMG's to acquire a greater knowledge of what exactly is going on with the nervous system to relate this back to the consumer, but this still isn't enough. Chiropractors are no doubt the leading edge for health care, and I believe we have the greatest potential to getting people back on their feet into a healthy state of being. How much more effective would we be if we took a little extra time and effort?

I envy how well other medical practitioners will stand by their patients, and do them some justice by simply having their blood examined. This is the best way to get a true picture of how healthy our practice members truly are. They can give us subjective information all day long, but to get a clear picture of health is priceless. Do they know they have high cholesterol? Do they know they can't absorb minerals and vitamins very effectively because they have hypochlorhydria? Absolutely not, and this is where we should be able to step in, find the problem, give them applicable solutions, and get them back on the road to true health. How much better would we be in the public eye if we could catch a disease or approaching disaster before any of their other health providers did? Thats right...we would reach a new plateau.

I cannot describe how many times there has been someone coming into the office that wrote down they have hypothyroidism and have been taking synthroid (or some other thyroid medication) for years, to never have any of their thyroid antibodies checked (Thyroid peroxidase antibody/TPOAb; Thyroglobulin antibody/TgAb). It has been documented that about 85% of these cases are actually Hashimoto's Disease, which is when a person fluctuates between hypo and hyperthyroidism due to an autoimmune condition. These people need a much different treatment than the one they have been receiving. It is up to us to make this difference.

I plead to all my fellow practitioners to keep outdoing the rest of the medical field. To do what is right by our patients, and to honor them with a true clean slate. We are so much more than what we are doing. The sky is NOT the limit... the possibilities ARE endless!

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Our Duty as Chiropractors

It has become painful for me to see that most in our field don't do what is truly right by our patients. Most of us take the time to do thorough examinations followed by any necessary x-rays to...


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