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Ear Infections and Antibiotics - The Truth Every Parent Should Know

Ear Infections and Antibiotics- The Truth Every Parent Should Know By Dr. Joe Criscuola D.C. Ask most any parent about ear infections, and you will most likely hear one horror story after...


The Forward Head Posture Epidemic

We all live in a flexor dominate world. What this means is that most daily tasks we routinely do involve us bending forward, rolling our shoulders in and slouching. Let me ask the question to you...


The Power of Magnesium

Feelings of nervousness, irritability and being unable to relax are signs of needing magnesium. Magnesium influences many bodily functions including digestion, energy production, muscle function...


How an Applied Kinesiologist Uses Neuro Lympathics to Improve Health

First before we talk about Neuro-lympathics, we need to talk about lymphatics and the lymphatic system, what they are and their role in your health. Lymph is a clear colorless liquid carrying...


How an Applied Kinesiologist Treats Heartburn or Acid Reflex

Heartburn, also known as acid reflex, is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the breastbone or just below the breastbone. The sensation of pain or discomfort often rises in the chest and...


Our Duty as Chiropractors

It has become painful for me to see that most in our field don't do what is truly right by our patients. Most of us take the time to do thorough examinations followed by any necessary x-rays to...


When to Call the Doctor When Your Child Has a Fever

Fevers are a bad thing... right? The media hype on fevers can make even the most calm parent nervous when a baby feels unusually warm. However, the fever is the body's way of fighting disease...


ADHD on the Rise

CNN reports ADHD is on the rise. The rate is now an alarming 1 in 10 children in the United States are diagnosed with ADHD. According to officials, causal factors for the rise in ADHD are unclear...


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