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Florida Orthopedic Institute - Dr. David A Reina

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Florida Orthopedic Institute

Dr. David A Reina

13020 Telecom Pkwy N
Tampa, FL 33637

Phone: (813) 978-9700

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Recent Reviews

Buyer beware applies to this provider. His staff is about the worst I have ever encountered. They flat out lie to me. I called and asked if they take Medicare and how much my out of pocket expense would would be. Tami the, office manager, told me if would be between $60 to $130. Which still pretty high to a Chiropractor, but she reassured me how good he was and also stated that if I needed MRIs and since Doctor Reina cannot order MRIs they had other MD's that they can use to get around Medicare. She was such a sales expert that I fell for it and made the appointment. The doctor saw me for 5 minutes and told me some story that he was aligning my neuropath ways. He did not even align my spine where I had pain. They ask me to pay $66.00 Medicare decline to pay any Chiropractor procedures except spinal manipulation and they bill me $334.00 additional dollars and use all the weight of Florida Orthopedic Institute to harass me and collect the money. I went back to the office and the doctor said he would make some adjustments to the bill. A couple of weeks later a collection agency was sending me nasty letters. Nice adjustment. The total charge $400.00 for 5 minutes of questionable services and months of harassment. That is $2,000.00 / hour. AVOID THIS DOCTOR LIKE A PLAGUE. There are thousands of other better Chiropractors in Tampa some even include 1/2 hour of massage.

Submitted by juan v. on April 16th, 2012 @ 1:29PM

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