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Dr. Clifford Keen

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1 rating

Dr. Clifford Keen

308 Hyland Park Dr
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Phone: (970) 945-0280

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Recent Reviews

I have been a lower back pain sufferer for more than 30 years, and I know Chiropractors help. But I only look for their help when I have to. This is mainly because I 'feel' their methods are not so 'precise' and highly depend on each Chiropractor's skills. My above-mentioned 'feel' (more properly, 'fear') totally changed after I was treated by Dr. Clifford Keen in Colorado. His method is called 'Activator method' which is very different from other Chiropractors I ever visited. After a careful examination of my feet responding to various actions or movements, he is able to locate the problem and simply apply a tiny 'pulse like' dynamic force 'precisely' on the problem area. After a few 'precise' corrections, my back pain is totally gone. I highly recommend Dr. Clifford KEEN to anyone who had back problems and were hesitating to visit a Chiropractor. By the way, I found Dr. Clifford Keen is 'keenly' aware and careful about the dynamic nature of the pulse he applied to the patient. At one point, he borrowed my thumb when he applied the pulse to my pelvic bone where there is not enough muscle in between. He said the force to the pelvic bone will be larger if I had my thumb in between. It took me quite a while to understand it.-----Think of dropping golf balls onto concrete vs. grass from a same height, the grass will absorb more energy than the concrete. (the ball bounces higher from concrete, thus more energy is reflected back to the ball, less energy is absorbed by concrete.) In my case, the pelvic bone is the concrete and the thumb is the grass-----quite interesting!!

Submitted by morgan m. on May 27th, 2012 @ 11:29AM

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